About Us

Prodesign is a team of professional Ghanaian and International designers, architects, project managers and support staff. We focus on creating modern commercial spaces for Clients in Ghana and have built up extensive expertise over the last 17 years. Our studio, located in Accra is the base for our project activities and is the working and creative space for our twenty employees.

Our capabilities are significantly enhanced with the support of our Parent Group who have over 80 years business experience in West Africa. The Advantage Group for which Prodesign is a founding member offers additional human resource in project management, client service, marketing, logistics and finances. With this combined business strength, we can undertake projects both large, fast track and complicated in nature.

As problem solvers and ideas people we always seek to provide the best possible service. We work to meet budgets whether big or small, short deadlines, challenging requirements and are flexible in catering for our Client’s needs.

We are passionate about thinking up original ideas and are motivated by the potential design has to make a positive impact on all our lives.

Our project approach

Our creative service offering to the Ghanaian market is built upon over 17 years of experience. Professional interior design and construction is our core business with International Modernism and African Contemporary trends and principles guiding our thinking. We ultimately produce designed products which hope to challenge the status quo and move contemporary design and the aspirations of Clients to the next level.

Design thinking has the power to transform the business objectives of our current and future Customers. Projects are handled by qualified architects and designers with project management and customer service support.

We take our responsibility to protect the environment around us seriously. Understanding materials we specify on projects leads to smart design choices, healthier interior spaces and reduced demand on natural resources.

For larger projects we are supported by The Advantage Group, our parent organization who have over 80 years of business experience in Ghana. Our Group, provide additional Client Service, branding, marketing, finance, logistics and project management capabilities.

To understand how we approach our work and how we partner our Clients we plan our activities in three overlapping phases.

  1. Understanding the Client’s needs through insight and creative thinking.
  2. Translating the ideas into cost effective, appropriate and innovative solutions
  3. Implementing the approved ideas into a successful quality product.


‘Our Client’s business is our business’. In order to provide the best service we can, our initial objective is to fully understand the project needs. Through face to face discussion and ideas sharing with our Clients we develop a comprehensive brief as a starting point. Research, data gathering, global insights and the latest technological developments are fused at this stage to ensure all ideas are supported by specific and relevant information and facts.

Our desire to understand the Clients requirements will also involve considering the key factors responsible for successful and relevant design. Clients will be guided through cost, function, aesthetics, technology and the must have ‘wow’ factor. 


Our design teams analyze the brief and research and through collective creativity produce a minimum of three concepts for consideration. Our Clients are given choice and through development and refinement a finished scheme is reached. Three dimensional modeling and technical drawings are managed in liaison with in house estimators and construction experts to arrive at a complete package for implementation. Prototypes and samples are additionally commissioned to ensure the Client is satisfied with all aspects of the project before works start at the site.


‘The devils in the detail’ as we all realize and creating first class products requires careful attention to the smallest junction, shadow gap and trim line. The Prodesign construction teams together with permanent on-site supervisors seek to deliver quality at every stage. Regular site meetings and record updates keep the Client informed of progress and project delivery. Managing third party suppliers and consultants nominated by Clients to ensure successful implementation is a Prodesign objective. Projects are handed over after commissioning and post project support is offered for three to six months to allow Customers to successfully settle into their new environment.